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Mahaprabhu offers Seminars, Training Sessions and Presentations on a variety of self development themes. His Time & Stress Management programs are a favourite amongst students, workers, teachers, professionals and businessmen. He is expert at adapting his programs according to the needs of the people and organisations he caters to. His outbound programs and workshops are fun and energise participants in a novel way. Organisations love his ability to bring a fresh perspective to things and his out of the box ideas have helped companies cut costs, improve processes, add new product lines and reach new markets. He is culturally astute and multi lingual and is able to relate to people in a deeply personal way. He touches hearts and leaves a lasting impression. Please read some of the testimonials below or talk to him and find out for yourself.

About Mahaprabhu

It is hard to describe any individual. We normally try to understand a person from his education, upbringing, accomplishments and work – but it fails to capture the real person in totality.

Mahaprabhu believes that most people have great depth and potential – which the world seldom sees – in fact most people fail to recognise their own true worth. He desires to help people see the wealth within themselves.

A few words about Mahaprabhu – so you get to know him a little before you meet him.

Mahaprabhu has led a charmed life – and the experiences have been varied. As a Marine Engineer he sailed the high seas and traversed various continents and touched many lives.

Armed with an MBA from a premier B school, he worked and travelled to various parts of the world. He has been involved in the setup of factories and companies, in export and import, offering consultation, building networks and forging relationships, making numerous presentations, and spearheading innovation in many countries like Australia, Bosnia, China, Switzerland, South Korea, USA, Vietnam, Japan, India, Tanzania, Taiwan, Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius and Singapore among many others.

He has a brilliant academic record coupled with numerous medals in sports and accolades in extra curricular activities.

He is also a gifted author, painter, art collector and archer. His role as a life coach is deeply appreciated by many and he works tirelessly to inspire people to refine their inherent qualities and harness their latent potential to achieve personal and social success.

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